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Review your current fund in depth. Choose your preferences to shortlist a few funds. Compare them in detail to your current fund.

Track how your fund is performing relative to others. Keep on top of who manages your money, how they do it and where it’s invested.

Relax knowing that we will be keeping watch on your fund and will notify you when there are any significant changes you should know about. Switch to any of the shortlisted funds, when you need to.

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We're quietly confident that once you've had a look around SavvyKiwi you'll want to know more.  Unlock our premium tool for less than the price of an apple a day to get full access to everything you need to know, including prompts to check your fund when required.

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Our goal is for you to have all the information you need to make the most informed decision you can. We want you to relax once you've made that decision - and you can, because we'll continue to watch and review your fund for you. You can always login to see what's happening.


Business Plans Available

If you're an employer and would like to look at multiple licenses, then contact us now. We're happy to discuss our bulk plans with you.

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