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Review your current fund in depth. Choose your preferences to shortlist a few funds. Compare them in detail to your current fund.

Track how your fund is performing relative to others. Keep on top of who manages your money, how they do it and where it’s invested.

Relax knowing that we will be keeping watch on your fund and will notify you when there are any significant changes you should know about. Switch to any of the shortlisted funds, when you need to.

Our Company

Based in Auckland, New Zealand, SavvyKiwi provides you with the means to better manage the selection and tracking of the KiwiSaver fund you are in.

With over 200 KiwiSaver funds on offer, there is a wide range of choice in the types of risks, costs and returns across those funds.

When it comes to making choices, we believe that optimal outcomes are possible only when decisions are made with the knowledge of ‘relevant’ context that is sourced ‘independently’, presented in an ‘unbiased’ manner and offered in a ‘timely’ fashion.

That's why we exist.


We provide relevant information for you to make optimal KiwiSaver decisions, based on insights gained from our ongoing, on-site reviews of your fund’s investment managers.

Rather than simply show aggregated data, we provide you the intelligence from that data. So, our direct access to your Fund's investment team is critical. We focus on delivering you simplicity and relevance of the information, rather than quantity. 


We refuse to get paid by any KiwiSaver Provider through ANY type of fee or commission.  You should demand the same of any other service provider.  After all, it's your hard earned savings that's at stake.

This makes us truly independent, and most importantly allows us to tell it to you like it is.  We are concerned only about helping you identify funds that are value for money.


As we don't receive ANY incentives from Scheme providers, we are not constrained in assessing the merits and shortcomings of each Provider, or Fund. Whatever we share with you, will be truly unbiased.

If any Provider does not want to open their doors to us for our on-going reviews (there are 2 currently), we can't pressure them into it.  But, we will let you know that there isn't much we can share about them.


We aim to inform you of major changes to your KiwiSaver Fund as soon as possible.  Changes impacting your Fund can occur at any time - individuals managing your money may move jobs, providers may wind up etc. This is why we have ongoing reviews with your Fund's investment manager.

Our prompt allows you to take timely action. We even help you switch your Fund when you wish to.