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Review your current fund in depth. Choose your preferences to shortlist a few funds. Compare them in detail to your current fund.

Track how your fund is performing relative to others. Keep on top of who manages your money, how they do it and where it’s invested.

Relax knowing that we will be keeping watch on your fund and will notify you when there are any significant changes you should know about. Switch to any of the shortlisted funds, when you need to.

Our inside edge

We conduct regular reviews and face-to-face interviews of KiwiSaver providers, their products and processses. Using a framework of qualitative and quantitative research criteria we research the following four broad capability areas.


First, we look at the organizational aspects.  The objective here is to get an understanding of how well they are positioned in offering an appealing KiwiSaver Scheme.

We take into consideration their capabilities, stability of ownership, governance structure and processes, firm-wide risk management processes and how they engage with the wider community with corporate citizenship programmes.


Then, we take into consideration the investment skills and capabilites they are able to resource.  For this we examine the provider’s personnel policies such as remuneration structures and hiring and retention strategies.

We also review the consistency and execution of their investment philosophy, and evaluate the robustness of their investment management processes and decision making.


While it is not a major determinant of our review outcome, we do consider their commitment to investing in robust trading and risk management systems.  The objective at this step is to ensure they operate to, or exceed, current industry standards.

We are also mindful of how effectively they engage with you as a member of their Scheme.  After all, YOU are the beneficiary.


Finally, we review your Providers’ performance – their consistency of returns, performance relative to benchmark and to their peers.  We also examine their costs and expenses and report on their ability to provide you reasonably priced investment management services.

Over time, fees and costs will be a significant determinant of your returns but, the cheapest fund may not be the most appropriate.