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Review your current fund in depth. Choose your preferences to shortlist a few funds. Compare them in detail to your current fund.

Track how your fund is performing relative to others. Keep on top of who manages your money, how they do it and where it’s invested.

Relax knowing that we will be keeping watch on your fund and will notify you when there are any significant changes you should know about. Switch to any of the shortlisted funds, when you need to.

How Are We Independent?

Unlike common business practice in the financial services sector, we have NO commercial alignment with ANY KiwiSaver provider, whatsoever.  We feel that if we were paid any fees or commission from any Provider - no matter how small - we may be obliged to give them an unfair advantage, like not telling you they were a bad apple.

So, we do not take any fees or commissions, gifts or corporate box seats at sporting events etc. from any Provider. We are a subscriber-paid service and we charge a small fee to our premium users (that's you).

It's the only way we can remain totally independent.  This is important. It means that we can tell you everything, without any bias, that is relevant to you making your decision.  

We are wholly New Zealand owned and operated.  SavvyKiwi is not a recommendation tool, nor meant to replace personalised financial advice.

SavvyKiwi is your only truly independent KiwiSaver companion.