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Review your current fund in depth. Choose your preferences to shortlist a few funds. Compare them in detail to your current fund.

Track how your fund is performing relative to others. Keep on top of who manages your money, how they do it and where it’s invested.

Relax knowing that we will be keeping watch on your fund and will notify you when there are any significant changes you should know about. Switch to any of the shortlisted funds, when you need to.

Frequently Asked Questions

If you have any questions please email us at  We will continue to build this section up with your most frequently asked questions.


Questions about SavvyKiwi

Where can I access SavvyKiwi?

SavvyKiwi is available for iPhone and iPad from Apple iTunes. We've optimised the app for iOS7 and iOS8, iPhone 5 and up. SavvyKiwi is also available online as a mobilised website so you can use it on your Android devices.


What if I don't know which Scheme I'm in?

Our free version helps you locate your Scheme, your Fund/s and your contribution amount.


Why do we charge for our Premium service?

We are fierecely independent of all Providers.  Read more here.


How can I pay for SavvyKiwi?

Our basic version is free to access.  With our Premium services, our pricing plans are listed here.  You can pay securely through our SSL encrypted payment gateway.  You can choose to pay using your credit card or via a direct bank transfer.  Immediately upon confirmation of payment you will have access to all our Premium services.


I can't locate my fund on SavvyKiwi. Why is that?

We aim to track only unrestricted (open to public) KiwiSaver schemes as we like that they have obligation to disclose details about their Schemes on a regular basis.  Restricted schemes have limited disclosure obligations and hence we do not have enough insight into them to provide you with any valuable information.


I'm in an unrestricted KiwiSaver Scheme, but still can't see my fund.

There may also be the rare instance that we are unable to upload details of a certian Scheme due to some technical issue.  In which case, funds in that Scheme may not show up.  We will aim to fix those issues on a best endeavours basis.  Currently we have details of over 200 funds on SavvyKiwi.


Why am I not able to view performance charts on some funds?

There could be a number reasons why this might occur.  Most likely, the fund has less than 2 years of historical data.

It is also possible that we don't have access to information on the fund that is comparable with the information we have on other similar funds.  Due to the lack of consistency, we may decide not to display its value.  For example, you may find that the "When you retire" values on a few of the funds are zero.


How often is the information on SavvyKiwi updated?

Data, such as performance, fees etc will be updated at least every three to four months, in line with disclosure obligations imposed on Providers by legislation.  Any changes made by Providers in between may not be reflected on SavvyKiwi immediately.

On the other hand, the qualitative aspects such as the merits or shortcomings of a Fund will be updated as often as we review them.  We meet with the team managing your money on a regular basis and have one on one interviews with them on how they manage your money.

Where we believe there will be an impact on your Fund, which requires your urgent attention, we will notify you right away so you can review your options, and if required switch to alternative Funds that we will present to you.